2 weeks in to chopping back on social media

So you’ll notice the title of this post is “chopping back” rather than “abstinence”.  This is because I’ve reaslied that actually social media is so integrated with my life that I’m pretty much always using it.  To give it up I’d have to realistically stay offline for a month, and that’s just too far for me, and would cost me too much in lost earnings. 

Whether it’s trying to avoid: a comment on my Flickr, comments on other blogs, reading blogs, writing blogs, watching my music play through my instant message program telling others what I’m listening to, watching theirs, watching YouTubes sent round the office, reading user generated recipes, playing games with social media added, using upcoming, it’s impossible for me to spend any time online and not come face to face with how integrated social media has become in my life.

The real cut back for me has been on what I’ll term “egotistical” social media.  In fact social media is probably not the correct term at all, but culling my life streams.  That’s much more appropriate. 

The only thing I miss is Twitter, and in particular interacting with my friends on there in a way that can only really happen on Twitter.  It’s the small details of life, or the split second feeling you’ve got.  Blog posting is great, but it’s way more conceived and editable.  Tweets are pings of the moment, and I miss their look into my friends lives.  I’ve also found that Twitter has actually been the source of quite a few new friends for me.  You get to know people a lot quicker on Twitter I think, than any other medium I’ve ever had the fun of fiddling with.  It’s the way you have a window into someone talking to themselves, you can receive a text from someone who’d never normally text you about something they’d probably never normally mention – but it all builds up a profile of who that person is.  Without the pub face on, or the business face.  It’s ace.

Oh someone bring back my Twitter!

The other thing I’m a bit nervous and twitchy about with Twitter currently out of my life is watching people adding me to watch, and knowing that I’m not adding anything.  Argh!  It’s killing me.  I want to Tweet the exciting things I’m up to, and certainly some of the bits in my head, just to get feedback or quiet acknowledgement from my friends and peers.  I’ve taken to emailing more and sharing music with friends as an outlet.

The one thing I don’t miss at all is Facebook.  So much so, that I am thinking I might kill my account before January is up.  It was fun, but then so is anything new.  Now it’s just a time sucker.  I can’t remember the last time I went on and enjoyed the experience.  Facebook is over for me.

My only reason I can think of to not delete the account is for keeping up with future developments with it.  So maybe I’ll keep it for that.  We’ll see.  I’ve been lucky though, as Facebook implemented sending the body of the message you’ve received into the email it pings you before I went on my hiatus, so I’ve not missed any important meet up messages as they’ve come through as normal emails.  Phew.

Well, I suppose I best get back to pining for my Twitter.  Sigh.

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Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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