I’ve just been browsing some of Loic Le Meur’s Qik videos that he mentioned on Twitter (yeah yeah, I had a sneaky peak today). 

Qik allows you to “Stream live video fast to the world. Right from your phone”.  The quality therefore, isn’t great, but I tell you what it’s not half bad either.  I can see how this could be really useful – news and events, mainly.  I’m not entirely sure how they do it live yet, I’ll have to have a play this afternoon when I get more time, but I’d love to be able to see footage from world events as they happen being reported via streaming mobile video.  Or in those hard to access places.

So far, it looks like people are using it in place of where you would normally use a video camera, ie, interviews, recording talks etc, but I think it’ll come into its own if enough people are using it when the next world event happens, especially if there aren’t any camera crews around to catch what’s happening.

I’m signing up, and I’ll let you know how I get on.

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