Cominded launch Yabb, a VOIP micro-blogging service

I’ve just read and commented on Mike Butcher‘s post on TechCrunch UK Yabb launches VOIP micro-blogging service.

I’m probably over simplifying somewhat here, but isn’t this what late night telly ads already provide as a service?  You know, “call 0890 and find other interesting people in your area”?

Paul Birch, founder of Cominded comments on the post, “We believe there is something ‘magical’ about human 1 to 1 voice conversation.”

Surely though you pick up a ‘phone, and call a person you want to speak to?  Pre-recorded voice snipets aren’t conversation, they’re sound bites / answerphone messages?  I have to point out at this stage I haven’t used the product (it’s in beta, and so far no invite) so it’s very possible I am missing something.

Perhaps though, the 0890 model point has hit the nail on the head, a cheaper alternative to sex chat lines?  Could be useful/cheaper for the singles industry? 

Then again, if I was going to go down that route then WooMe has already done this and is a fantastic product for both voice and video chat.

The one thing I just don’t get at all is on the TechCrunch post Mike mentions, “… you can’t send voice messages to people who aren’t in your Skype contact list.”   So, er… Apparently, you can call your friends, and leave them a mass answerphone message…

Anybody else got one eyebrow raised at this point..? 

From the description, I just can’t even find it in me to try out the beta.  I know, that’s pretty poor show for someone interested in social media, but it just sounds like something I’m never going to use, or suggest to a client to use over existing products.

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