My new trading name

I’ve been consulting since last October, but haven’t got round to calling myself anything other than Thayer Driver.  Although this is very to the point, isn’t really very fun or good for forms. Or when pitching to clients etc, “Hi, I’m Thayer” receptionist: “What company please?” me: “Um, Thayer Driver inc?” You get the picture.

So I put it to the Twitter community today, and had some good responses.  My favourites so far are MediaDriver (sadly already gone) and DigitalDriver (also already gone).  It may be worth pointing out here that Driver isn’t actually my name either, I’m divorced and never got round to changing my name back.  My real name is actually Thayer Chappell 🙂  So trading under my divorced name would be a bit odd.

Funniest name so far Major Thayers (a parody of Major Players if you haven’t heard of them).

Here’s some stuff that might help someone come up with a good name:

  • my blog is Tall. Eats a Lot. Talks too much – so, TEAL, TTM, etc maybe?
  • Thayer is an anagram of hearty and earthy (haha! how true)
  • I consult in digital, web, communities, emerging tech, recruitment and gaming (videogames, not gambling)


Click here to see the Twitter community’s answers :o)

About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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2 Responses to My new trading name

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a club
    the huge rise in @’s make it harder to jump in and connect. From a personal point of view, it feels more like a club than the previous friendly place it was before Christmas. I fear this will put off newbies coming in, and I wouldn’t blame them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s anagram time
    Thayer Chappell =
    Alpha Crypt Heel
    Recall Path Hype
    Patch Layer Help
    Thayer Driver =
    Hairdryer Vet
    Hardy Riveter
    A Dryer Thrive
    Hate Dry River
    Lot’s of scope there 😀


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