Twitter survey – update

Well blow me – I didn’t expect it to be quite so popular!  Which is obviously fantastic news as it means the higher the response, the better the results can be relied on at the end.  So far the survey has had just shy of 200 responses, which is great considering I was expecting maybe 30 or so just from my close community!  It’d be great to get to 300 by Wednesday when I’m closing it off, so I’ll be hunting down Twitter forums and the like to post it on today.  Shout if you’d like to suggest anywhere.

I also got lots of feedback, mostly positive but also some negative such as the survey being too short, and the questions not being written in a way the respondent would have liked.  I wanted to quickly address those points – this survey began life as a free Survey Monkey survey, and as such you’re only allowed 10 questions, and 100 responses.  Also, I’ve never done a survey before, so apologies for my lack of knowledge in the area.  It was clear that as soon as it started to gain momentum that I should have paid for the survey in the beginning and also worked with other sources to develop it!

So, I’m going to be doing a follow up survey in the next month, working with Nik Butler aka Loudmouthman and anyone else who would like to contribute.  Paul Walsh also felt he could do a better survey, so hopefully Paul will help me develop this idea some more too, for phase two.  It’s great to have an idea and then have the community feedback and want to help develop it further, I’m looking forward to learning.

I’ve also been asked which client this survey is for, and what the point is.  Well, there’s no client involved, I just wanted to get this information to share with the community.  So, you’re all my client on this project!  I just felt with so much speculation floating about on how people want to use and receive Tweets, we should add a bit of backrgound to the discussions.

Thanks again to everyone for getting involved and taking part making this a really fun project.  Results will be out by Friday, so stay tuned!

Oh, and if you haven’t taken it yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂  Take the survey!

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4 Responses to Twitter survey – update

  1. Anonymous says:

    wouldn’t do any harm to promote this on the BNM mailing list – it’s pretty quiet round there at the moment, and there’s plenty of twitterers lurking around them parts…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tweet nothings
    It’ll be interesting to see the results – no matter that the format / question style isn’t “perfect”. It’ll do for a start.
    I added my tuppenceworth at an interesting blog today on the subject of Tweets. Did you know the Dutch call them Tweeds?
    Go figure. See

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did you know that Twitter got a mention in the Economist last week?
    in the 2nd Feb to 8th Feb Economist, there was a piece about how journos are reporting about presidential candidates. Interesting that a mainstream publication should pick up on the service.

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