8 Responses to Why doesn’t the web do marriage?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look closer :p
    Friends Reunited allows for maiden names, probably because they realised early on that when you’re a child you aren’t married.
    Indeed facebook does do it; in the relationships tab there is a former name field. But only one, so I guess they don’t approve of multiple divorces.

    • Thayer Prime says:

      Re: Look closer :p
      Hey Blowdart
      Thanks for the reply. That is definitely a new addition to Facebook, that has happened in the last 6 months or so. I’m glad to hear it has though 🙂
      And good to see FU doing it for maiden names, but that still doesn’t allow for name changes.
      I still think there’s something missing here about capturing personal metadata for use across all the social sites.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes! I agree
    Hi Thayer,
    I think we kind of had this discussion before, its true and its a PITA. I married at 31 and so many many people know me by my maiden name but many more new people by my married name. I contacted Facebook and they would have me be known by a stupdendous combination of both surnames. I did notice about 2 months ago they had finally introduced a ‘former’ name field.
    LinkedIn has bugged me too, I have changed my name but what about those who only know my old name?
    Biggest irk of all however is email! As I use gmail my email is intrinsically linked to everything else I have ever used provided by google (docs, groups, chat etc) I have an email account in my married name but, I just forward everything to my old account and allow myself to send under my new name. Major issue, a lot of people get wierded out because they cant add me on chat or when I add them it shows my old name etc, there is no way to en-masse change my identity, very irritating. And, although gmail allows me to send from another address in the header it still says it was sent from the ‘main’ account, problem – anyone using Outlook (about 80% of the world it seems) sees the old email and much confusion ensues about what I am really called. Bugs me something chronic and I dont know the best way to address it.
    Laura Francis aka Laura Griffiths

  3. Anonymous says:

    Opening up
    Right – I could be talking out of my proverbial here (some of the hardcore tech stuff goes over my head), but I think this will all get sorted out when everything opens up.
    So (if Google gets its way anyway) instead of Facebook / Linked in et al, we’ll all be using Open Social for our networked applications, the Social Graph API to link us together and Open ID to log in to everything. I guess we’ll start using hcards as our profile definition too – and I think this caters for as many names as we might need.
    Not going to happen in the short term obviously but because it’s all open (unlike Facebook) I think it’ll all be much better.
    Also, just had a search and found some stuff about ClaimIDs which sort of links into this (allows you to go around the web and claim your various identities).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rather ironically, I didn’t leave my name!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get married 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    And what about multiple current names
    Hi Thayer
    Some people have more than one “live” name. My wife practices (we’re accountants in practice) under her maiden name but socially goes under her maiden name. Clients and friends may not even realise she has “another” name. I asked a lawyer about this and he says that adopting a married name operates through customary law so pretty much anything goes.
    Also a surgeon friend of ours has pretty much exactly the same issue.
    Not to mention nicknames and so on.
    So much easier for we men: “oi you!” pretty much identifies me wherever I am LOL

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