Twitter survey delayed – but with good reason. Honest gov.

Okay, so I feel bad. I promised results by today, and it isn’t going to happen. There are two reasons for this in my defense, m’lud.

  1. I have a family visit tomorrow until Friday. Not just any family visit, but my: sister, her son, her husband and my Mum. This is a lot of family to visit, considering it’s the first time I’ve ever entertained family in London. Eek. Send me good luck vibes. I’m slightly scared about how completely square and nerdy I am going to appear to my 8 year old nephew. He’s probably already on web 5.9 and played all the games I own on the hardest levels. I think family is a fairly decent excuse as to not getting my homework done on time – I mean, it’s not like my cat ate it, or anything. Did you, Spitz?
  2. I met a very interesting chap today, mister Richard Nevins from Tipped. He’s doing some really interesting research into microbragging. He also gave me a dissertation on Twitter that I would rather like to use parts of for the Twitter survey report – add a bit of meat to its bones, perhaps. Richard has also said he’ll be happy to get involved in the next Twitter survey – and he’s super academic and brainy, so it will be way better than the finger in the air job I did.

So – I’m sorry. Please don’t get grumpy with me. I promise promise promise I will get something sorted by Tuesday next week. If I don’t have anything done by then I will just publish the raw results so you don’t have to wait any longer. But that’s not going to happen because there will be a fantastic shiny report for you all, in PDF format and everything!

<hangs head in shame and shuffles off />

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2 Responses to Twitter survey delayed – but with good reason. Honest gov.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a lesson from me (swiped from somewhere else, that I forget now):
    You’re never late. You’re not as early as everyone expects you to be!
    As for the 8 year-old, he’ll think it’s cool he can show you stuff. You just have to pretend that you know it. And of course, you can teach him swear words he doesn’t know already, parents notwithstanding.

    • Thayer Prime says:

      Re: Lateness
      Mister Sam Michel, I am assuming that is you. Surely you have an OpenId by now? 😉
      Only you could say something like “You’re not as early as everyone expects you to be!”
      Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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