Pure genius

From Mike Butcher at TechCrunch UK:

“Owners of the somewhat idiosyncratic FaceParty, one of the UK’s oldest social networks, appear to have had an altercation – with almost their entire user-base. On Tuesday night the normal home page was replaced with a diatribe against users who had complained about a fancy dress competition the site was holding. The site was cut off for several hours, blocking all users from logging in.”

I’m loving reading what they put up – read it in full here.  Marvellous. 

Go on, how many times have you wanted to do that?  I know I have.  Good effort Faceparty, and you didn’t hold back on the swearing either, I salute you! **

Faceparty logo

** probably worth pointing out to any potential clients out there – as funny and amusing as I find this, I would never ever do it in real life.  I am a professional and can just about control my inner 15 year old.

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1 Response to Pure genius

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah – I’d class that as a customer relationship FAIL
    Somebody pointed me to this on twitter yesterday.
    Completely fouling up your customer communications and then throwing a tantrum about it doesn’t sound like a sensible plan to me :-/

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