I have a really cool job – do you want it?

I’m currently working over at the Guardian with Matt McAlister, getting the Guardian involved in events (mostly UK, but also European) through sponsorships and also creating internal events for staff and later on, external people.

It’s been really good fun, and there’s a great tech element to it all – I get to find out all the latest tech goings on over here, and work out the best tech events to promote them, and get internal staff excited about what’s going on externally.

As you’ll know, I’m off to start my Guild Wars farming team, oh, I mean family, during October. So – I’m looking for someone to take over what I’ve set up and keep it running. There’s also the opportunity to develop it further, and carve out a really exciting events niche over here at the Guardian Technology department.

Are you interested?

If so, get in touch with me directly (thayer18 AT yahoo com) with your CV or LinkedIn profile, and I’ll send you a more detailed job spec if you fit the bill.

I can’t say enough what a great time I’ve had working here. Let’s put it this way – if I do come back to work after my daughter is born, I certainly hope I can come back here.

About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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