Looking for work from January 2010 – want to hire me?

I’m starting to think about work for the new year, as my current contracts will run out by then.  

I’m up for working anything between 1 day a month up to working 3 days a week. I currently work as a consultant, but would consider a perm part time role if the right juicy role came along. If anyone hear is interested or know anyone who could be would love a hello šŸ™‚

(You can download my full CV here or get in touch thayer at thayerprime dot com)

Summary from LinkedIn:

I’ve been working in a wide variety of roles in the London digital scene since 2001, starting as a programmer (LAMP) at UpMyStreet.com, and more recently being passionate about:

– the social web
– engaging audiences for brands 
– commercial direction / account direction
– technical production / project management
– technology event strategy and spend/sponsorship
– technology recruitment and company development
– computer gaming

My favourite environment is to be thrown into a project (preferably involing technology) that requires structure, strategy and forward movement. I enjoy grabbing projects by the scruff of the neck, implementing a strategy to get it moving, then start it going before doing a full handover back to a full time person or team.

In the last couple of years I’ve been:


– involved in some (succesful) startups

– consulting for Apple EMEA advising their senior management on web 2.0 and suggested marketing approaches using the social web

– consulting for Agency.com as both a recruitment consultant & strategist, and technical producer on a global project for British Airways.

– consulting for the Guardian as both a recruitment consultant, and community marketeer engaging audiences for the Open Platform.

– invited & participated in a workshop for Nokia to consider next generation mobile phone potential.

– invited as a guest to contribute to UNESCO’s Public Service Media 2009 event


– giving strategy advice and help setting up the games angle at Make Your Mark 

– been published in the Independent’s Guide to Gaming, regarding working in the games industry 

– judging & presenting for the Big Chip Awards 

Please see my recommendations for my clients’ descriptions of my work:


social web, networking, marketing, PR, communication, commercialisation, budgeting and spending, event strategy and sponsorship, online gaming, computer gaming, technical production, account management, project management, high level recruiting & anything else you want to throw at me šŸ™‚

(You can download my full CV here or get in touch thayer at thayerprime dot com)


About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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