2009 wrap up, and a very merry Christmas!

It’s been so long since I wrote.  Mostly due to being super busy helping the data.gov.uk team work on their strategy for engaging the open data community.  It’s a great role and the team I’m working with are so passionate, it’s fun to be a part of something like this.

2009 has been an extraordinary year for me.  I’ve watched my little girl grow from approx 55cms to 85cms in under 12 months, and double her weight.  I’ve worked on some exciting open data roles for both the Guardian and the government.  I’ve attended some very interesting workshops, including those by NESTA and Nokia, to help define the future of technology, and I’ve even been a judge and an award presenter (on stage and EVERYFINK) within the games industry.

And now, as 2009 draws to a close, I find myself in a very interesting position.  My contract with the government has been extended until April 2010, and so my husband and I have chosen to switch roles for 3 months, to see what it’s like.  Jake has quit work and from mid January he will be Nemi’s main carer, whilst I work mostly from home enabling me to still be a daily (big) part of Nemi’s life.  It will be a very interesting change, and one we hoped one day we might be able to achieve.  He’s also going to be able to be focussed on his own technical development, and pushing forward on some ideas he’s been having this last few years since iPhones and Android OS came about.

We also moved house in November, and have a lot of work to do here, which starts in January (hey, why wait.. ack!) which I feel may be the dominating thought vibe until Spring next year… All in all, a fairly hectic year!  

Thanks for reading, and if you’ve been around me during this year, thanks also for your support and friendship.  I’d love to know what your year has been like, so if you’d like to bullet point, paraphrase, or go all novel in the comments, please do.  Or, link to your year end post.

Here’s to 2010, good health and love to you all.   

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