Announcing the Data Visualisation Weekend Manchester, BBC Backstage and Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) will be running an ‘unconference’ focussing on
data visualisations. The unconference will team up 100 developers and 100 designers to create diverse and imaginative data visualisations from open data.

The aim of the event is to facilitate an unusual opportunity allowing the diversity of the two traditional job roles to bring together imaginative use of open data sources.

Richard Stirling, Head of Making Public Data Public and said, "To bring together teams of developers and designers in this way, with each adding to the other’s skill set is an exciting proposition. We’re extremely interested to see the results, and see what great data re-use will come from the weekend."

By combining the networks, data and experience of the three public bodies, the Data Visualisation Weekend has a vast resource to draw on, making it one of the most exciting and joined up unconferences for 2010.

"MDDA is proud to support this event as it is a great opportunity for Manchester’s digital communities to show their skills, network with other digital creatives and learn more about the project." – Dave Carter, Head of MDDA

Interested designers and developers can find out more and apply for an invitation via the DVWM website.

Notes is part of HM Government and uses an open licence to allow government-owned data to be freely reused by anybody. was formed in 2004 and is the BBC’s early adopter network to encourage participation and support creativity through open innovation.

Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA), part of Manchester City Council, is the lead organisation for the development of the digital strategy for the Manchester city region, and has a role in supporting the region’s digital sector.

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