Android phone not updating your apps? Try this

A couple of weeks ago, my Android based HTC Magic stopped updating my apps.  I tried everything to get them going again to no avail.  I then realised yesterday I also couldn’t download and install new apps, and, it seemed, my battery was dying a hell of a lot quicker then normal – about a 12 hr cycle instead of the usual also pathetic 24hr.  This was a deal breaker.

After much forum searching, I found the fix.  

Turns out that when a couple of weeks ago Google asked me on Gmail if I wanted to change my account from Googlemail to Gmail (it popped up above the top nav) it caused this problem.  Thankfully, now that I set this back to Googlemail, all my apps are updating just fine, and I can download, and the battery on my phone is back to is rather abysmal but better than it was, self.

So, if you’ve noticed you’re having app problems with your Android phone, try that fix!  To reset your Gmail to it’s original form, go to Settings->Accounts and Import, and you’ll see it there.

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