Free summer party to celebrate developers – would you want to come? #devparty

[There will be more on this as I gauge interest from both attendees, and sponsors. Do me a favour, if you think it sounds fun and you’d like to come, please retweet and/or post with the hashtag #devparty so I can see roughly what the interest is :)]

So, I’m having a thought.  It goes a little something like this.  I love developers.  They are genuinely, brilliant people.  Every one of them I’ve met (of course, there’s always the exception to the rule) is helpful, thoughtful, and bloody good fun – even those who consider themselves (or sometimes others consider..) socially awkward 🙂

It seems everywhere you look these days there are hack days, developer days, preview days, marketing events, and other offerings to get developers (and specifically, programmers) to work on projects, data, ideas for free, for food, for fun, for glory, for money.  There is a lot of goodwill out there that is often drawn on.

How’s about we celebrate it?  How’s about we give back, and say, "Thank you lovely people who shape our businesses, causes, country, world"?

I’d like to organise a party this summer, with BBQ, music, games, maybe some hacking and designing fun.  For no reason other than to celebrate some of the most talented, talked about but often overlooked people making the magic happen behind all those awards, ideas, hacks.

There may be goodie bags, freebies, and some posters and theming, but NO PITCHING and no over riding messages other than THANK YOU.

Want to help?

In the first instance, I want money to make this happen.  I’ll donate my time free.  Any money that comes in to this event will go on the event.  That’s my contribution.  

I want all those companies and people who have worked with talented developers to say thanks by dipping their hand in their pocket and donating some cash.  You can decide if it’s a £100 or £10,000.  I’ll put together a sponsorship pack if I get interest, but the basics will be: thank you on the emails that go out to attendees, posters/logos at the event, opportunity to theme up a room if you’re a big brand with interesting stuff for the audience… opportunity to provide the BBQ/food, DJs, whatever – you get the idea.  I’m open to anything and can help you define your ideal way of being there as a brand whilst not coming across like a creepy uncle.  Trust me, it’s what I do for a living.  Drop me an email, we can do coffee, I’ll show you exciting ways to spend your money that creates love and rainbows from the developer community.

Let’s see who really wants to connect with the developer audience, time to put your money where your mouth is and say thank you! 🙂 get in touch -> thayer AT

General outline:

– 200-1000 people big, developer focussed, but everyone is invited – final amount will depend on money raised.
– somewhere in London
– first week in July?
– free food, drinks, music, fun stuff
– different rooms to theme up and enjoy (I’m thinking: games, mobile, art/design, gadgetry, hardware hacks..?)
– friends, family, lovers, and if I can work out a way of doing it (/ venue who can cater for it), children… will all be welcome.

If you’re keen to help me shape the event, get in touch too – thayer AT

About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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