#devparty – update (no interest, it’s not happening)

Just to update my previous post where I got all excited and quickly thought out a rough plan for a summer party for devs & their familiars.  There was next to no interest (approx 20 ppl across Twitter, direct and my blog who said they’d want to come) so I’ll take that as a "No thanks, we’re all good for parties this summer".  Shame, as I even had two sponsors already offer money – which is normally the harder bit!

Probably for the best though, as I’ll be about 8-9 months pregnant by then.  I’ll just stick to loafing in the garden and DJing to my toddler whilst looking increasingly like Mrs StayPuff.

However, @bevangelist did comment on my last post saying Rewired State were already thinking of doing something like this, so if you were one of the 20 or so, get in touch with him to see what they are up to.

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