Lanyrd (@lanyrd) Randomizer by Chris Thorpe (@jaggeree)

I have very clever and lovely friends.  The fab Chris Thorpe is one of them.  On Friday night I received this email from Chris after seeing him at the Government Digital Service Launch on Thursday, and having my usual grumble about how tired & busy I am.

Chris noticed I needed a way of picking some folks at random to come to #techsmas, but as I know most of them who’ve signed up to track the event, how could I be impartial?


Fun little friday night problem

Code is here for transparency…
uses to get random numbers which are based on atmospheric noise rather than pseudo random algorithms
Know you’re stacked and also know you need to be impartial, so there you go… and you can even use it again on different Lanyrd events!!!

Awesome, huh!

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