Are you a company looking to sponsor technology events? Read this.

UPDATE 20120427: Due to now being back in long term contract with GDS I won’t be spending time on this side line any more.  Thanks for all those who showed interest though 🙂  I will update when I have time again to pursue this.

In my various roles over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure in assisting companies (Apple, Nokia, W+K, The Guardian, Talis, HM Government etc) work out where they should use their engagement resources (spend, speakers, other) to reach technologists and often, specifically developers.

This means I have some great relationships with events and event producers who are always keen to hear about new sponsor opportunities, and help brands deliver messages to their participants. In particular, I know about the small to medium sized community events that are where your active community are, not the big marketing led events that developers avoid like the plague 😉

I currently have three exciting events (WhereCampEU, Bath Digital Festival and Culture Hack Scotland) plus some fantastic Rewired State events sat in my inbox actively looking for sponsors, so if you’re looking to engage with the technology community please do get in touch and I’ll make the introductions. No charge!

I also offer a service where I can connect your company/brand to small-medium sponsorship opportunities within communities and events (50+) I have close relationships with, covering the whole of the UK (typical sponsorships are around £500-£5,000). If you are looking to build awareness within technology communities and would like some curated assistance, let me know.  I can charge a flat fee or a percentage of your spend – whatever works for you.

Lastly, if you run small to medium community events and we’ve not yet met: do get in touch so I can help you develop your proposition for sponsors and potentially help you get funding.  No charge to you at all, I just love seeing your events succeed.

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