#noobytes update and sign up for next lunch (need mentors & noobies!)

[update to post below: there was zero further interest – so I guess this was one of those things where everyone who was keen came to the first one.. whatever the reason, after some tweeting and this blog no interest. But – the first one was still fun, and folks are all still talking, so I’m glad it worked out even just a little bit ūüôā #failfast]

The first #noobytes lunch went really well, and everyone seemed to have a great time¬†fuelled by Daddy Donkey burritos, soft drinks and beer. ¬†Conversation flowed easily (the bit I was worried about!) and I’ve seen relationships and friendships bloom off the back of it. ¬†Huzzah.

So, now I know it works, time to keep momentum going. ¬†I have started a Google Group for #noobytes, that anyone can join. ¬†If you’re an old London HasBeen with advice and info, or a Noobie wanting to ask us anything, do join in. ¬†You can request memberships on the group page I believe and please do add why you want to join.

I anticipate the group will be used for stuff like: help! I need somewhere to live!, where can I get the best sushi/martini/vegetarian restaurant etc and any one around tonight? and any of your other new to London needs.

I’d also like to propose the next #noobytes lunch, so I need 5 willing lunch buying mentors (no more than ¬£8 per head I promise) and 5 new to London lunchers who’d like to have their lunch bought and questions answered ūüôā ¬†To read more on the idea behind #noobytes please read my previous post¬†and follow up. ¬†Ideally, I’d like the mentors/OldHasbeens to invite someone they know who is new to London and bring them along. ¬†At the end of the lunch everyone gets all mixed up and it’s great – the new folks have 4 other new folks to hang out with and a bunch of old farts like me to also get to know if they want to. Watching the new folks share tips of getting places to live and where to hang out was great, and hearing the Old Hasbeen’s war stories of “when I first moved to London” was fab.

Email me if you want in to the next #noobytes, and when I have enough interest I’ll send round a Doodle to fix a date, time and place.

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3 Responses to #noobytes update and sign up for next lunch (need mentors & noobies!)

  1. Hi Thayer,

    Whatever happened to this – I’ve not seen much about it since? Killed by lack of interest?


  2. Thayer Prime says:

    Hi Michael, yes, as per the edit at the top of the post that’s exactly what happened. When I tried to do a second one there was zero interest. I may run a Christmas one if there’s enough intrigue. Are you interested as a mentor or a nooby? ūüôā

  3. Thayer Prime says:

    (the good news is though that folks who met at the first one made some great strong and still ongoing relationships, which I’m really happy about)

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