#techsmas 2012 sponsored by Nature

It’s that time of year again where I say BAH HUMBUG to your office Christmas parties, and throw one of my own 😉 The Christmas gathering for technologists to talk geek, drink an entirely free bar dry, eat copious amounts of teeny tiny mini food and play games to win gadgets.  Massive thanks to Nature Publishing who have stepped in to exclusively sponsor the event this year, and get you all merry on their recruitment budget. That my friends, is cutting edge social recruitment strategy right there. Love it.

[if you’re interested in how #techsmas started, have a read here]

If you’d like to come this year, I’ll be playing the usual games on Twitter for folks to get invited over the coming weeks, and if you’re keen to come along track the event on Lanyrd – as always I’ll be using Chris Thorpe’s amazing Randomizr to pick folks off there to join the fun too.

Nature will also have a guest list  and it so happens they’re VERY KEEN to hear from front end developers right now. If you happen to be a marvellous junior to mid weight (think 0-4 years experience, salary requirements of £25-35k) I’d drop Chris a line if I were you, and see if you can blag your way in…

Looking forward to it already. And if you’re interested, here’s some pics from last year.

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