#seatgifting – an update and a request for your thoughts, please

6 months ago, I wrote about an idea I had called #seatgifting (link goes to original post) and since then I’ve moved the idea on with the help of the amazing and kind Christian Trippe who’s supplied some ace designs for the badges. See pic! How cool!Image

Where we’re at now is a whole heap of work, and money to move to the next step. So, I want your advice please.

The project needs the following to proceed:

  • money for badges to be printed out in quantities big enough to make this fly
  • people to volunteer and give out these badges at train and transport stations across the country (or even in other countries, if there is a want for it)
  • someone to help and/or advise with press enquiries (not something I’ve ever done) to ensure people know what this is about, and get the meme quickly
  • someone to help get the website up and running (I’ve bought seatgifting.org) it just needs a bit of WordPress love of something?
  • website hosting (I’m happy to cover that for the first couple of years)
  • an army of initial supporters who will help get the message out

What we have got already:

  • a fairly thorough action plan by the smart new Team Prime hire, Charley Brinton
  • badge, logo & typeface designs plus overall branding and colours etc all ready to rock thanks to Christian Trippe
  • seatgifting.org domain
  • a small time & money budget from Team Prime to get this going
  • a wonderful network of you lot who’ve been massively supportive so far 🙂 Thank you.
  • a strong desire not to give up on this idea, despite what appears to be a rapidly growing amount of time and money investment 😉

I’m thinking two course of action we could possibly take now:

  1. Kickstarter to fund badges & site? Having looked at T&Cs I think this could work under product…?
  2. Volunteers stepping in to help out.

This project has never been about me or Team Prime owning it, it’s just been something I wanted to exist in it’s own right, and ideally be moved forward and taken up by the community at large so it’s sustainable without any particular owner. If anyone has any thoughts on helping me move this to the next stage, I’m *really* keen to hear them in the comments below (not on Twitter please!). Whether it’s volunteering to help out with the project, ideas on who to contact, or if you’re a brand with some spare marketing spend who’d like to partner, we’re listening.

If you don’t have anything to add, then a retweet to get this call for help as far flung as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Nearly there. Nearly there.

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1 Response to #seatgifting – an update and a request for your thoughts, please

  1. flamencolime says:

    Absolutely brilliant idea and it does take a lot of awareness and not zoning out on the tube to look for people who need a seat.

    I’d like to add a note about colours. I think there needs to be a range of colours available, as it’s likely to be something we wear most of the time on coats or bags, and some of us *cough* like to match…

    I also wonder about some versions initially with a tag line to explain it, until the idea is entrenched. “Happy to give up my seat”, “Please ask me for my seat” (I’m no copywriter.. but you get the idea).

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