Those who helped me run a marathon: THANK YOU xx

I ran London Marathon last Sunday, 24th April 2016. It was the culmination of a desire I’d had for 15 years. Wow. I’m old. But yeah, 15 years of dreaming of doing it, and then 2 solid years believing I would and then 6 months *knowing* I would. What a ride. I got round in 5hrs and 2 minutes, a time I was blown away by, as I’d expected 5:30/6hr due to injury. (you can read why I got into running and how, here)

I wanted to take stock of who helped me. Firstly – my amazing husband Jake has always supported me in my decision and never once complained about all the solo parenting he took on whilst I did my long runs over the last few months. Thank you for never making me feel guilty for taking so much time out for myself in training, just another reason I love you.

Then there were the amazing professionals who kept me on my feet and as injury free as possible – and when injury *did* strike they were there with incredible mental support and physical assistance.

  • Jackie Earle – incredibly talented and empathic sports masseuse
  • Ann Kuan – top notch physio, and fellow runner
  • Alison Rouse – foot massager extraordinaire

Then there were people who were my constant running inspiration and kept me going even if they didn’t know it:

Ultraboy, Susie Chan, BorleyRose, Ann McMeekin Carrier, EddieIzzard, Kat McVicar, Carol Penny, Ian Childs, Tim Peake, Natalie Lakin.

Then there was my incredible best friend, Zoe Nolan – who has been the most awesome cheerleader from the start, and was there in person to cheer me on the day. Thank you Zoe, you’re amazing.

There was also the incredible support from all my friends on Twitter and Facebook, who never ceased to cheer me on and “like” and “love” their way over my updates, as boring as they must have been. Every one of you kept me believing I could do it, thank you. And an excellent hug from Andrew Stott on the way round on the day, fantastic.

Then of course there were the 72 donators who gave a whopping £2,011.88 which my company, Team Prime, has matched – bringing the total raised for Barnardos to £4,023.76. FANTASTIC! Of those, I am most proud of my amazing god-son Adam, who at age 7 saved up his pocket money for 4 months and donated the whole £20 to this. I won’t lie reader, I cried.

So thank you, thank you so much everyone. Running your first marathon isn’t a solo activity by a long shot, in fact I was totally blown away by the love and messages I received over the last few months, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Marathons seem to have a mystical power to really get your community backing you, and I enjoyed every minute of it.


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