INTERNET! Let’s give someone a leg up!

Ok. I need a HUGE favour, one that will warm all our hearts and show that the internet is still amazing.

One of my best friends since I was 15, a guy called Olly, is one of the best model makers I’ve ever come across. After a crazy tough heart problem that required AWAKE open heart surgery every few years in his teens and stopped him going school after A levels, he managed to drag his sorry arse back to Uni in his twenties and self fund himself to do that art he’s amazing at (see portfolio below).

He has struggled to find a job in this area as they’re super hard to come by (especially if you don’t have a top University degree and most likely you’ve had a privileged background with connections), plus the usual “No experience, no job” thing. During the last decade he has worked in preschool childcare, supermarkets, kitchens, and been on benefits whilst looking for a break into model making. He has four lovely kids and a wife, and lives near Oxford. He is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. His heart is FAR from broken, I can guarantee you that.

He would LOVE a break, to do his passion (which he’s crazy good at) for a living. Can anyone help him/me out? It is my mission to get him a job this year that will lead on to epic things. He is brilliant, hard working, and deserves it so much. Please email either me or Olly on if you have any leads at all to give him a leg up.

We talk about diversity a lot: now’s your time to help someone who’s been socio-economically excluded all his life get a chance to be included in the workforce 🙂

His portfolio is here.

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