You’re my type

I hear a lot of other people talking about what their “type” is. Thin, fat, big bums, small boobs, flat stomachs, BBW, muscles, hair colour/style.. eyes. I’ve never gone in for physical attraction. I can see it, and understand it, but that isn’t what makes my type.

Let me tell you about my type.

My types are the people who make me smile, have a joy for life and having fun. They’re the ones who like to laugh, who live life to the full. They enjoy adventures, and stay inquisitive all their life. It’s those who have character, and individuality – those who aren’t afraid to stand up and be counted.

My types like to avoid drama, and instead communicate clearly, openly and without judgement.

My types are those of you who have faced adversity and had the strength and tenacity to overcome it, and let yourselves have happiness again. My types are those who don’t let their life be determined by the will of another, or “what has gone before”. The ones who follow their hearts and minds equally, even if it means it sometimes hurts – knowing and graciously accepting that is the price you pay for living your dreams and not giving in.

My types are the ones who are there for me even when I’m not just giving them something they desire. They’re the people who let me in, get to know them, and find out and enjoy my quirks too. And though they’re not afraid of their emotions and allowing them freely and openly, can manage them too. My types are the ones who care about my emotions as well, and treat them with respect and kindness.

My type are those who seek to better themselves on a daily basis, who won’t settle for mediocre. They’re willing to push themselves and their boundaries in pursuit of growth and personal evolution.

But most of all, my types are those who really care. The ones who don’t just say words but follow through with the actions to back it up, the ones who are there for others. The ones who remember the details, to ask how you are for no reason other than they care. They don’t run at the first sign of hard times within a friendship or relationship. You know the type, the ones where silence doesn’t feel awkward, but instead promotes comfort and deep peace.

My types are the ones who make you feel good to be you. All of you.

About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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