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My thoughts on speaker diversity

Another day with another (technology) conference being picked up on having all male (and in this case, white, same age etc) speakers.  The lack of diversity at events where people speak is a fairly commonplace thing. I have a couple … Continue reading

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Would you be happy to give up your seat, no questions asked?

Sat on the train the other day, I noticed a woman who was chubby. She may have been pregnant, or just a touch overweight, I couldn’t be sure. She was far enough away from me that asking her if she’d … Continue reading

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A quick post on smart and exceptional customer service

I love I have used them for the last few years, and always recommend them on to anyone who asks for hotel recommendations.  The site is easy to use, has great filtering options, very good prices and great coverage. … Continue reading

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When hackdays just *aren’t* cool – some PR advice

I just got a bit ranty and grumpy on Twitter.  I saw this tweet: And upon following the link, it rather made me angry.  The link goes to this page: Wow. Cadbury want developers to develop their Olympic app for … Continue reading

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#noobytes update and sign up for next lunch (need mentors & noobies!)

[update to post below: there was zero further interest – so I guess this was one of those things where everyone who was keen came to the first one.. whatever the reason, after some tweeting and this blog no interest. … Continue reading

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Are you a technologist new to London? #noobytes is go: Friday 2nd March

And it’s done. I’m in the fab position of more Old Hasbeens than #noobyters. So, have a look below, and if you’d like to come and have one of the listed Old Hasbeens as your lunch pair, let me know … Continue reading

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Looking for sponsorship? This is the best way of going about it I’ve ever seen

A short post from me, but I had to note this for posterity, and spread the word. This conversation happened 2 hrs ago on Twitter: And I sent that request right on to the right people. Here’s the url: reading

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My thoughts on @towerbridge -gate, and why it bothers me

.. Or, “Why devs should question building cool stuff on unstable platforms.” Like many of my friends and peers over the last 24 hours, I’ve been a bit perturbed by the whole Tower Bridge Twitter account take over.  Turns out, … Continue reading

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Announcing my latest event for developers :)

Been working on this for the last few weeks, and I’m excited to finally announce my latest event for developers: ~ OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE ~ Developers to gather at the Guardian to reshape the world through technology Guardian News & … Continue reading

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#devparty – update (no interest, it’s not happening)

Just to update my previous post where I got all excited and quickly thought out a rough plan for a summer party for devs & their familiars.  There was next to no interest (approx 20 ppl across Twitter, direct and … Continue reading

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