Central Lofts aka Central London Lofts

Firstly, check out the full reviews of Central Lofts. Or do I mean, Central London Lofts? Or was it, Anglian Construction? Sorry – the people behind this company has so many names it’s traded by and wound up I get mixed up sometimes. A bit like them, on site, and in communication – where they use their old company name. The one they’re not allowed to as it’s in liquidation. Have a look for Renatas Steponaitis on Companies House. That’s a mighty lot of liquidated companies you got there, fella.

So to see the real reviews on Trustpilot – scroll down a little, and LOOK AT ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! Central Lofts have taken down NINE ONE STAR reviews in 12 months. NINE! Luckily for you I have been saving the bad ones I find they managed not to pay to take down over the internet – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0vzy802r9x67wv6/AAASTg7myVChqjm4F_wlu0iua?dl=0

What’s interesting is in their contract it says you cannot say anything bad about them on social media, or they will come after you legally and fine you £5,000. I did wonder why that was in there, but now it all makes sense. Clearly something they have to mitigate against a lot! Luckily their solicitors told me today they have terminated the contract with me, so I now get to tell you all about them. All over the internet.

So – thinking of working with these conmen? This is what you can expect when you work with this company. And I know this, as it has all happened to me first hand.

  • poor workmanship
  • incorrect plans
  • incorrect measurements
  • lies about qualifications
  • incorrect structural work
  • lack of communication
  • huge requests for money in advance
  • lack of any health and safety
  • bombing things off scaffolding with young babies nearby (within metres)
  • sending folks who should be self isolating onsite

Let’s start at the beginning, you will meet Huw Davies – also runs a company called Caddingtons so you might want to swerve that one also. A great salesperson, truly one of the best to be able to polish a turd like this company and get you to buy it – he’ll tell you anything you want to hear, and get you to sign. Ask him anything, he’ll answer you perfectly! But it’s all lies. Oh and then he “has nothing to do with the build” when you ask him why things he sold you are complete fabrications.

The architects the company promises? Lies. There are none, and have never been any at this company. If you’re lucky you’ll get the owner’s 25 year old son (Michael Gage) who’s at best a good trier at CAD. At worst, he will create plans that are factually incorrect, and cause structural problems to your existing property – as has happened to us. Don’t believe me? Call the ARB, and ask them if Central Lofts have ever had any registered architects in their company. They have not.

Good luck with a structural engineer also, there’s also none of those.

Your project manager – who is also handily your contracts manager, Renatas Steponaitis – good luck with him. He will never come on site, and will never answer your calls. He’s awesome at sending you invoices though. Apparently my “ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD” because I dared to ask why my steels are in the wrong place.

What about the promised quality? Yeah, no chance. Well, unless you don’t look too closely like the other reviews on here. The trick they use is to build so fast and so bad that it is all covered over and looking pretty before you even notice your steels are in the wrong place, you have no fire boards, and that they cut through all your roof membranes. Yep, all these and much, much more happened to me. Things you wouldn’t even know until a few years down the line when your lovely looking loft starts leaking, or you burn to death. Good luck with that.

So, what happens when you tell them they need to fulfil the contract as promised?

Well, let me tell you – they instruct solicitors to try and make you go away. They stop answering the phone at all themselves, or replying to any emails. Yep, I have a bunch of very silly letters now from their local legal folks which sound like they were written by a teenager. Perhaps David Gage the director has another son who he gets to pretend to be another legally protected trade.

Anyway, avoid. Total scammers and cowboys.

This will be removed, but I will be putting up every single day I can and in every place I can find because people like these should not be allowed to get away with what they do. It’s dangerous, it’s fraud, and it’s just down right nasty.


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2 Responses to Central Lofts aka Central London Lofts

  1. Chris says:

    I have had the same problem with this company total cowboys. Well over time how many times i had to chase builders. Renatas the project manager does not answer phone at all but keenly sends invoices. I luckily got the build to a level where i have taken over my self. They simply evaporated and never came back.
    Job was meant to be 8 weeks but nearly 2 yrs later micheal felt the need to call me for final payment which i told him to do 1.

  2. Tess says:

    Sounds familiar, especially the absence of fireboards! I had no end of problems with these cowboys. They broke stuff, said they would cover the cost of it and then billed me extra at the end. I should not have paid them a penny more. The loft still has issues years later.

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