(Second) Twitter Mexican Wave

So over a year ago, I did what I’m pretty sure was the first ever Twitter Mexican Wave. Yes, it was a slow day, but also it was a lot of fun watching the wave go mad over the Twittersphere.

One year and a bit on, and a lot more followers later, I’m wondering if we can do much better and get a global wave crashing round Twitter over the next few days.


I’ll start it off. All you need to do is @Thayer #mexicanwave (or, drop the @Thayer if you like, I don’t mind 🙂

Ready? Set? GO!

Happy Friday Twitterland.

EDIT – want to know how it’s getting on and how far it’s travelled?
http://twitter.com/#search?q=mexicanwave 😀

EDIT – and the first wavers aaaaaaaaaaaaaare:

About Thayer Prime

Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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