iPad apps – what me, Jake and Nemi are using 2 months in

In my last post, I said I would be re-visiting my thoughts on the iPad within a week or so with an update.  Well, not much changed, and my thoughts are still the same.  I thought what would be useful though is a synopsis of what apps have made it through the last couple of months use, and in what category.  We’ve found these enjoyable, and I hope you do too.

I’ve written these by category of user, and the lists are in order of most used.

Thayer – main user, mostly gaming & reading (30 y/o female)

Words With Friends HD – (£1.79)
Scrabble style game, I play pretty much every lunchtime and evening, usually have about 20 games running simultaneously. Addictive, fun, and very easy to spend as little or much time on as you like.  I’m ThayerPrime on it if you ever fancy a game!

Osmos HD – (£1.79)
Brilliant, floaty, spacey, unique game for the iPad.  Think Brian Eno meets cellular level Loco Roco.  Just marvellous.  If you have the patience for it, it’s a great game, well worth the money.

New York Times, Editors Choice (free)
Great round up of world events, written in a style I personally enjoy.  Decent amount of headings along the bottom bar to catch up on headline news in News, Business, Tech, Opinion, Arts, Features and Videos.  They’ve pulled off the display really slick in my opinion, and there’s always a story of interest on here for me when I have five mins to spare.

Echofon – (£2.99)
Twitter app, seems to be the best one I’ve found so far for iPad, although it’s lacking in some features I would like to see.  Does the job though, and decent user interface and functionality.

Spotify – (iPhone version – no iPad version as yet, free, or £10 a month sub, depending on your preference)
All you can eat music streaming and if you pay, offline storing mode.  Decent catalogue, so long as you don’t want to find any old only on vinyl dance classics etc.  Useful enough if you’re mostly into mainstream, and like some back ground noise.

IMDB – (free)
The most useful movie database on the web, as an iPad app.  Wonderfully executed, and totally useful when you’re pondering what to watch tonight.  And it’s free.  Lovely stuff.

The Weather Channel – (free)
Simple weather app for the iPad.  Somewhat featureless, but does what it needs to, as well as some funky radar style maps of cloud and rain in your area (or whatever area you choose).  A lot of folks on the store feedback have reported trouble finding location.  It found Dartford… So I’m a happy camper.

Wired – (£2.39 a copy, available each month)
Although a great use of the medium, and by far the nicest magazine app I’ve seen, it’s still missing that extra mile I was expecting from early magazine adopters, especially Wired.  Definitely worth a download at least once (it’s only the cost of a cheap pint!) to see where the magazine use on iPad is going.  Content wise though, I haven’t been tempted back since my first download.

Dropbox – (free)
I love Dropbox so much.  It’s such a great concept.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about go grab one here – but in a nutshell, cloud storage that you can access easily across pcs, macs, iphones, android phones, ipads.. you name it.  Love it.  And it’s free for 2GB or so.  Super slick service, I store all my documents here now.  No more backup required except for photos and videos.  If you wanted to use it for pics and vids though you have the option of buying space from them for that too.

Angry Birds HD – (£2.99)
Cute game, excellent start screen music.  I bought this due to the high recommendations of everyone who already had an iPad before I did.  I’m not overly impressed, and quite surprised *everyone* was recommending it.  It’s a good game, it’s quite addictive, but it’s nothing new.  It’s nicely done, good graphics, amusing characters.  But you’re basically catapulting birds to make some pigs go pop.  It’s no brain teaser, just a fairly enjoyable way to burn some time.  If I went back in time, I wouldn’t spend £2.99 on this again. Could be a different story if you were between ages 6-12 though I reckon 🙂

Modern Conflict HD Lite (free)
I really like this.  It’s a war based strategy game.  It’s fairly involved, but easy to pick up when you go through the training levels.  The only reason it’s not higher on my list is I don’t feel I can dip in and out of it, which for me is what the iPad is about (young daughter being around).  When I’ve had chance to dip my toe in further I can well imagine this taking over when I’ve finished Osmos HD though.  And for free, it’s well worth a look in if you’re into this sort of game.

Godfinger (free, although you can buy stuff in game)
I want to like Godfinger.  I’m trying really hard.  It is the sort of game I’d normally get really addicted to.  And it’s a cute looking game, I like the characters.  But it’s just a bit slow.  And I can’t really see what the point is, and where it’s going.  It’s free, so if you like playing God (is there anyone who doesn’t?!) it’s worth a quick look, but there’s something missing here, and sadly I think it’s that rather important game play.  Maybe I’m missing something.

Stuff that’s on here that I downloaded but don’t really use: LastPass browser (just not that good on iPad), Atomic Browser (I’m doing just fine with safari), Shazam (had no need for it), Pages (ouch, expensive, and no need for it, Notes works perfectly fine for my usage), PFHD Free (shows you live airplanes in the air. Fun, once.  Then, boring), Starwalk (expensive, and after one or two uses boring), Pocket Pond (amusing once, then boring, but keep it on for Nemi).

Jake – tech user, mostly development (30 y/o male)

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition for iPad – £5.99
Haven’t played it yet, so can’t comment, but Jake is loving it and I’m next in line, so I’d say from watching him and peering over his shoulder it’s worth the money if you’re into gaming like we are.  Nice port to the iPad, plus the ability switch between modes from oldskool to newskool design.  Nice touch.

Dev tools (our iPad is jailbroken):
VNC – free
Cydia – free
dospad Beta – free
TeamViewerHD – Free

iGammon – free backgammon.  Nicely done.  Not much more to say!

Chess With Friends – free, yup, it’s a free chess game 🙂

Nemi – edutainment (21 month old female)

Preschool Monkey Lunchbox – £0.59
Best 59p I ever spent.  Has Nemi in rapture.  Lots of mini games for kids, I would say from 1.5 through to 5 years old.

5-in-1 Kids Pack HD – £0.59
Incredible value for money.  Suitable for children up to about 5 I would say, from perhaps 12 months?  Nemi could do the hardest level within 2 weeks, so I’m sure it could be boring for some quickly, but for the week she played it (and will no doubt again when she’s back on it!) so worth the 59p.

Others she enjoys, but don’t get used much more than a few minutes at a time:
Baby Piano, MemoryCueHD, Fish School, RF RedFish, SeussABC, Toy Story (free iPad book), Food Cards, My First Words, Drawing Pad, Virtuoso (real piano sim).

There you go, hope the round up has been helpful, and I’d love to hear what you’ve been using and finding useful in the comments section if you can spare the time.  I’m always on the look out for more interesting stuff to do with the iPad.

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