Email Yoga – a session at Sun Microsystems (@sunmicrosystems) in London

Yesterday me and some other folks descended upon Sun Microsystem‘s offices for a spot of Email Yoga, as tutored by Gavin O’Carroll. It was really interesting, and involved loads of being out of chairs, and visualisation – not something I’ve done on a couse before, but once you get into it, very useful and positive.

The course started with some jiggling of body parts (I kid you not) before moving onto a quick counselling session of our bad habits – we ranted, Gavin listened.

The hour involved lots of moving about and thinking about our future, and habits – both good and bad.  

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable course, with some really lovely people on it.

A great big thank you to Sun Microsystems for letting us use their office space to run the course. They provide fantastic services for start ups, and if you’d like to know more please contact Stewart Townsend (@stewarttownsend).

If you’d like to find out more about the Digital Health Service or the Email Yoga course please get in touch with Gavin O’Carroll –

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