Are you a technologist new to London? #noobytes is go: Friday 2nd March

And it’s done.

I’m in the fab position of more Old Hasbeens than #noobyters. So, have a look below, and if you’d like to come and have one of the listed Old Hasbeens as your lunch pair, let me know and I’ll assign based on best fit.  There are four three two one no spots left this time, more at the next one.

The first #noobytes will be held on Friday 2nd March 2012 at Chinwag offices, Leatherlane. Those coming will get full address details.

Old Hasbeen / #noobyter

Thayer Prime bringing Dafydd Vaughan
Zelda Rhiando match made with Linda Sandvik
Katy Beale matched with Sam Smith (you both do conferences with techs)
Stephen Fulljames match made with Stef Lewandowski
Chris Thorpe match made with Jordan Hatch
Sam Michel (knows all too well about start ups) asking Jamie Edwards
Henry Cooke match made with Alistair Roche
John Bevan bringing David Kendal

How terribly exciting.

Also, for this first one: all your lunches are free for being so lovely and buying into another one of my slightly random ideas. We’ll be having Daddy Donkey burritos of NOMNESS. I’ll email you all when I’ve filled the last slots.

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Tall. Eats a lot. Talks too much. I tweet over @thayer
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2 Responses to Are you a technologist new to London? #noobytes is go: Friday 2nd March

  1. Thanks for a lovely afternoon! I made a Twitter list of us #noobytes:

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